About Us

We have the “better” drivers because we continually recruit and screen only the best.

Additionally, we screen our clients so that our drivers work for “top quality” companies. Those companies who respect and treat drivers as professionals. When a driver is treated well, and payed reasonably, they will stay with you for a long time.

There are several ways to get drivers to you, and on your payroll at some point if that is your goal.

  • Casual services for drivers needed up to 30 days.
  • Temp to perm hire.
  • Long Term Lease. Flexible terms with benefits for drivers and other transportation employees, including warehouse personnel.
  • Direct Permanent hire, with a “60” day guarantee of the new employee.

Each of these programs will offer a solution to your transportation needs.

We only specialize in quality transportation professionals!! The Atlantic staff has over 20 years in recruitment and personnel management experience from which you can draw upon at any time 24 hours a day. Should you require more specific solutions, for either driver related needs, or other transportation management expertise, we will “custom tailor” a solution to your needs in a timely, cost effective manner.

Business Philosophy…
After 20 years in this industry we have believed that the goal of any “continuously” successful company is to maintain the client base, and to serve each client with service that “exceeds” their expectations, with quality that is superior to that of our competitors, with competitive pricing. Development of these long-term relationships is achieved through our company by “EARNING YOUR BUSINESS”.

We provide:

  • Faster, better, reasonably priced services
  • Continuous open and honest communication
  • Prompt response to the client’s needs
  • Full disclosure if we have made a mistake
  • A personalized experience for each client and drivers
  • Better drivers, better jobs
  • Creative solutions customized and tailored to service your business needs


With these thoughts in mind we will be here for the “long run”, and we believe in our service so much that we offer an “UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE” on all the personnel that we place, or seminars that we conduct. This same commitment is made to all our applicants.


We dedicate and perform our service so that a WIN…WIN…WIN situation is prevalent, and so that everyone comes out a WINNER!!


“Atlantic Logistic Management has met our needs in providing quality professional drivers any time it has been needed. They make the need for getting a driver on short notice painless. All drivers sent to us have been pre-screened and ready to put to work when the arrive. Whether you need a long haul, local, or specialized driver Steve and his crew met the challenge even if it was very short notice. I highly recommend Atlantic Logistic Management for all your driving needs.
As a driver for Atlantic Logistics Management I could not ask to work for a better Driving service. They say what they mean and follow through on any promise made. Whether it was temp-to-perm or just causal they can put you to work and keep you working. As a driver it means alot to be told the truth and not be told what you want to hear. A great company that treats drivers with the respect they deserve. I highly recommend Atlantic Driver Staffing.”

– Robert Shreve

“Thank you for the support you have shown over the past 6 years. We started using your services as a supplement for shortage of manpower in times of extreme need. With time passing, Roma of Georgia is now using your company as a sole source for new drivers. We are able to go through your service to carefully check the ability, attitude, and performance under full responsibility of the position we are trying to fill. After several weeks of training we are better able to determine if they likes us and if we like them. It is a win / win solution. Our turn over rate is no longer a problem. Since this has proven to work for our driver associates, I have asked you to start helping me with our warehouse employees. This program is working well also. You personally reveled your true colors as a person and business owner when we had 7 drivers with another agency. I had good hard working people, (good hard working people), that were not going to be paid due to another agency going out of business. We called to see if you could work with us to get these people paid and working through your company. You did not hesitate at all and help us work out the detail. “

Cary Ward